Since 1994 the CCCB has occupied the former Casa de la Caridad, which was a hospice until the 1950s. The renovation combines the rooms of the former building with a new construction of glass, steel and escalators. In this space, the CCCB organises exhibitions, film shows, concerts, festivals, conferences and courses, thereby encouraging artistic creation and social debate through its closeness to current events in a creative context. It also manages a documentation centre and a publishing business and enjoys very active relations with other centres. For all these reasons the CCCB occupies an important place in the cultural and social life of Barcelona.

Montalegre, 5 | T +34 933 064 100 |
Opening hours: Tue-Sun: 11.00 – 20.00 | Thur: 11.00-22.00 | 26 December, 5-6 January: 11.00-15.00
Closed: Mondays that are not public holidays, 25 December and 1 January

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